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• To schedule a portrait session, please email me at or phone me at (205)542-8288.

• After we've spoken and scheduled your photo session, there is a $50.00 deposit to reserve your date and time. Deposits should be paid immediately after booking. Please make your check payable to Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner or BANG Images and send it to me or we can discuss an electronic payment.

• The remaining payment should be paid prior to the start of the session; photography will not commence before the final payment has been made. 

• The portrait session fee is for a family of up to 5 people; it is $25.00 per additional person. It is not for a combination of families. Separate families are charged a separate session fee for family photography even if photographed together.

• Portrait sessions last between one and two hours depending on the number of people involved and the ease and cooperation of the participants.

• There are generally two times of day that outdoor sessions occur. Most sessions start between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. or between 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. (depending on the season).

• A change of clothes is possible during a photo session.

• Session locations more than 30 miles outside of the city of Birmingham incur $0.55 fee per mile exceeding that 30 mile radius.

• I mainly photograph outdoors. The location is decided between the client and photographer. I would love to hear your suggestions. To begin, my first question to you will be whether you want something urban (city scene) or something rural (forest or field scene). Once you make this decision, it will be easier to find the best location for you.

• I am more than happy to photograph inside or around your home; lifestyle sessions are a fun way to experience family photography and a great way to preserve the memory of your home.


I think all the time I've spent in life observing with less talking has been time well spent, and I feel it's a necessary quality that lends itself to the creative process and has made me a stronger photographer. So, don't fear the quiet moments; they're important.

Teens & Adults-The first few shots I fire will likely just be to test the light and allow you to loosen up. It's perfectly natural for it to take a few minutes to feel comfortable being photographed. I'll help you if I notice you need it, but as long as your movements are fluid and there's an ease to the moment, I won't interfere. Sometimes I may ask you to look directly at me, to smile, to not smile, to look away, to walk, run, or spin around in circles. Children do these things naturally; others may need a little coaxing to let their playful sides surface in front of strangers. And don't worry; I can usually tell which people would rather have a root canal than spin around in circles. We'll spend between an hour and two together; the length of time depends on you. The session usually winds down naturally. We will create a natural, relaxed portrait you can be proud of.

Children- One of my favorite things to do in life is to chase a child around with my camera-the spunkier the better. I consider it a thrill and personal challenge to try to create not only a good image technically, but artistically as well. I know if you are the parent of the child I'm chasing, you'll probably want some posed images too; and many of you desire a beautiful family portrait. I'll make sure to accomplish that. I've found that letting kids be kids during the majority of the session produces honest, beautiful interpretations of them. Children definitely dictate how long the session needs to be, and it's been my experience that when they've had enough, they'll let us all know. 


• I may post a photo or two from your session on my Facebook business page or Instagram page shortly after the session.

• I will spend a great deal of time culling your images and editing them in Photoshop; each photo will receive my attention; it takes approximately 3 weeks. Once I have an edited collection of JPEG images, I will upload them to my website. I will contact you via email to let you know.

• You will have your own password-protected gallery with a minimum of 30 images from a mini-session and 60 from a regular session. You may certainly share your password with family and friends. Perhaps they will see your session and realize they're in need of a great family portrait.

• Prints and digital files can be ordered directly from the website. Prints will be mailed to you and will take approximately one week after your images have been purchased. Digital downloads take a matter of minutes to complete. If you are purchasing all edited digital files from your session, they will be sent to you via Dropbox or saved for you on a flash drive if you would rather purchase them from me, the photographer.

• I am often asked for help when choosing prints. If ordered through my website, the lustre paper is my favorite; it's slightly more expensive but it's such a beautiful blend of glossy and matte. For those of you buying files and looking for a local printer instead of ordering through the website, I'm afraid I don't use a local printing company so it's hard for me to recommend one. 

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