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Flow is the title of a water portrait series of women, which was created in summer 2017. The title is rooted in several meanings. One is to move along steadily and continuously in a stream; this being the most obvious. A second definition is related to something such as fabric or hair, which hangs loosely and billows during movement. The last reason Flow is a fitting title is because of the state of mind you find yourself in during the creative process, becoming completely immersed to the point of losing concern for anything other than creating; it is the purest form of "living in the moment." The Flow series has been more than your typical portrait sessions. Each woman (including me) has benefited from it for various reasons. One participant in the series is healing after a divorce, and another has recently undergone surgery to remove a malignant melanoma. The goal has been to create portraits with other women, sometimes among soul sisters, but also conversely at times with women who have just met. No matter the situation, connections have been made and there has been much encouragement of one another along the way. The series has created a bond among women by making them feel empowered, beautiful, and grateful. Some have likened the experience to a sort of baptism, and others have compared it to a clothed boudoir session in the water. At the very least, it has been incredibly fun, resulting in beautiful portraits; and at its best, it has been a day that will not be soon forgotten, with the participants feeling a greater respect and love for themselves and a kinship with the women who played roles in their portrait experience. Although the Flow series is coming to a close soon, it is only the beginning of what can be accomplished!

What began as a personal project, has evolved into sessions offered to the public. Booking for 2018 water sessions will begin in February. 

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