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Anyone that knows me knows that I appreciate REAL interactions so I'm going to "get real" with you. I'm an introvert. I don't enjoy small talk, and I'm not very good at it. I try to have meaningful conversations and it's a busy life with two active kids and my own business, so the time that I spend with others I consider valuable. BANG Images has focused a lot of attention over the last year on wedding photography and it's been great fun. I think it's also been a wonderful learning experience, because I think no matter how long you've done something, you are constantly learning. I'm so happy for the opportunities I've been given, to have documented some of the most beautiful weddings and met some very interesting people. I do think in this business though, there is a fine balance. Unless you're purposefully marketing yourself in one particular genre of photography, then you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot if you focus too much attention on one thing. For me that "one thing" has been weddings. Please don't misunderstand, I love photographing weddings, and I want to continue doing so. My point is, you have to be careful how you market yourself. My ultimate dream is to balance wedding and portrait photography, not focusing on one more than the other. You can probably predict where I'm going with this...while my wedding work increased, my portrait sessions decreased. I LOVE BOTH. I feel like it's possible to build a successful business doing both. Here I am, sharing with you my desire to balance my photography business. Have you heard about putting something out there and the universe will listen? It has to do with manifesting reality. This means that we are responsible in some way for creating our own reality. Think of it this way, "Thoughts become things." It's true. I'm sure you had an idea growing up of the way you wanted your life to go. You may have made goals and later accomplished them. And yes, life throws curve balls and things don't always go according to plan, but so often we do acquire those things we wish for most. THIS is what I'm doing. I'm putting it out there. I am interested in balancing my wedding and portrait photography. And I'm starting right now. 

One of the first steps in making this goal a reality was to create a promotional video for my portrait business. I am so excited about this project and cannot wait to share it with you! So far I have collaborated with an incredibly talented videographer, Audrey Reid; a beautiful family, Christina, Zak, and Ruth; and Jovanna, a wonderful friend and model. The people involved in the project could not be more right for it. I am so appreciative of their time and skills. (And Ruth, let's admit it; she has the happiness skills and is masterful at being adorable.) The video is still in the works and may be a few more weeks before it's complete, but it's going to be amazing! 

Portrait sessions are a way to freeze time and record your personal history.

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