Laura & Megan - BANG Images / Shooting the Ones You LOVE

Same Sex Wedding, Avondale, Birmingham, AL

Love is love is love, any way you slice it. I think we get one life and it's a short one; why not live it to its fullest and let others do the same? I really enjoyed meeting Laura and Megan. They are two of the sweetest folks you'll ever have the pleasure of spending time with. They are surrounded by love and support of friends and family, which made their wedding day an absolute joy to photograph. These two stole my heart. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

They had a first look in Avondale Park in Birmingham. It was a gorgeous day, a little warm, but definitely picturesque.  Afterwards, there was an intimate ceremony at The Nest in Avondale, conveniently located less than a mile away. To end the day, their reception was held at Saturn, also within walking distance. Such good planners these two are!

Documenting in the least intrusive way, is always my modus operandi and this day was no different. Photographing a wedding is like being given a gift; you've been asked to be a part of one of the most important events in a couple's lives and I truly treasure the experience.

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