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One of my lifelong friends visited today. I realize as I type the description "lifelong" it's meant to refer to a friend you've known all your life, but in this case I'm just being presumptuous, because I know I'll know her all my life. She's just one of those friends. She's a keeper. She and I met during my first year of marriage- a time in my life before kids, before a mortgage even, before this snail's pace metabolism and watching my carb intake, a time when I had so much freedom that I could lock the door on my darkroom for hours on end and let time slip away listening to Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. She and I have been a big part of each other's lives for roughly 17 years. I knew her before she met her husband; but after they met, we spent countless nights on the front porch drinking wine, solving life's mysteries, and listening to music, (only slightly drowned out by the hum of the baby monitor). She kept my son periodically to help us avoid daycare. I had the pleasure of photographing her wedding. A few years later, I got to hold her hand, rub her feet, and witness her daughter's birth (with camera in hand). So, that's why I say, "She's one of those friends." Sometimes you just know. And when we take pause from this busy life and realize we haven't seen each other in a number of days, we reconnect. Here we are reconnecting with a little visit to the park, and here is the oh, so expressive, Georgia.

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