Flow, Water Portrait Series / Dana / Birmingham, AL - BANG Images / Shooting the Ones You LOVE

This summer was special in many ways. One thing that stands out regarding my business is that I began a series of photographs called Flow. You can read more about that here and see my personal favorite from each of the sessions. It is still ongoing and I have met so many wonderful women as a result! Over the next few months, I will share some of the images that stand out from the project. 

This is Dana. Dana is FULL OF LIFE. That's the best way I know to describe her. We met at least seven or eight years ago through mutual friends and have been crossing paths ever since. We're connected on social media and as you know, even people you have very little contact with face-to-face, become people you feel like you know through heart-felt posts, photographs of their family vacations and personal accomplishments, and the occasional scroll through their Facebook page. I like Dana very much and have enjoyed "getting to know" her even though it really wasn't until we met for our photo session that I got to spend more than a few minutes with her. I am thankful that she participated in the project and even more thankful that she introduced me to two of her friends, who also became subjects of Flow. Talk about a good time! That was one spectacular day in my personal photography history!

I think you will agree with me when I say that we humans generally like others that like us. One day while Dana and I were picking up our girls from a local camp (Girls Rock Birmingham -check it out), Dana stopped me to share her observations and beautiful compliments about my photography. She MADE MY DAY. I don't know if we ever realize how far a few kind words really go, but with me, they go far and settle deep. I usually recall them well into the future, especially on the not-so-great days. I am so happy I can call Dana a friend, and not just a friend through social media; she is truly lovely, supportive, and an all around positive person. 

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