Esme / Birmingham Outdoor Portrait Session - BANG Images / Shooting the Ones You LOVE

Sometimes you get the chance to photograph a model in the making. I have experienced this several times, but it's easy to forget how magical it can be until you're in the moment once again. It may be a child; one of the last I remember was a five year-old.  This time it was a teen who seemed wise beyond her years. I met Esme at a local park and we spent a solid 75 minutes creating images together-easily, beautifully, and artfully if I may say so.

I'm not one of those photographers always in search of some beautiful, vibrant botanical, bursting with blooms. I'm that photographer always in search of something interesting. Often, and especially in winter that may be a dead intricately intertwining vine and tree or old decaying stump. I look for leading lines everywhere and enjoy using the environment's natural geometry as the setting of my photographs. I especially love the hues of these winter portraits with Esme's creamy warm tones and the sky's luscious, moody blues. 

And as if this portrait session wasn't special enough, my own nine year-old daughter sat down with me to look at the images when I first uploaded them. She talked to me about how beautiful she thought Esme was and she noticed Esme looked very natural, without the use of make up. She was so impressed by this and said it made her feel comfortable and beautiful too, and she said, "It makes me feel like I don't need make up to be beautiful." This struck me. Without getting too political, I'll simply say we all know, especially mothers of daughters, the amount of pressure and expectations placed on little girls. So thank you Esme. You are a role model without even trying!

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