Child Portrait Session / Mimosas / Birmingham, AL - BANG Images / Shooting the ones you LOVE

This is a child portrait session with my very own Blu. We often go on drives to find a good setting for portraits. On this day we found the oddly beautiful mimosa trees. I love them so much. Their pink, fuzzy blooms are so very interesting; it's hard for me to believe they are invasive and rarely purposefully planted.

Oh, my Blu. It's hard to put into words how much I love her. This is my nine year-old daughter. She is LIGHT. She is DRAMA. She is HAPPINESS. She is a natural performer, loves to tell jokes, sings more than she talks, spends a lot of time upside down and cartwheels through the house, doesn't have much of a filter (which is hilarious but can be awkward in public sometimes), and is such a great snuggler. She is enjoying life and we love, love, love being along for the ride!

She has been a reoccurring subject in my photographs. She doesn't always want to be photographed, but when she's in the mood, it's magical. I love the way she communicates with the camera; it's a silent conversation. I treasure these times we have together-creating art with my muse.

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