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It's October in Alabama and while several decades ago that meant we'd be digging into the closet for sweaters to wear at the start and end of our days, it's changed a little. It's almost the middle of OCTOBER, and it's HOT. That's about to change though. In a matter of weeks, we'll be waking up to crisp morning air and basking in the late afternoon sun, just before the temperature drops. What a wonderful time for an outdoor photo session! And even better-a unique outdoor photo session. Do you find yourself searching for something a little different for your annual holiday card? Or maybe you want to sample some local talent. There are many fabulous photographers in Birmingham, Alabama; sometimes it's hard to choose the one that's right for you. A mini-session is a great way to meet a new photographer and see how you click. (Pardon the pun.) BANG Images is hosting its first Campfire Mini-Sessions on Saturday, November 4th. Sign up began on October 1st, and there is only one spot left in the afternoon. There are still morning times available though, so you should definitely consider signing up! Contact for details.

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