Amanda & Brendan - BANG Images / Shooting the Ones You LOVE

Engagement Session, Birmingham, Alabama

This sweet couple contacted me for wedding photography and engagement photos. They were up for just about anything, as long as it was fun and not stuffy. Since I'm always interested in something a little less traditional, we got along from the start! In thinking about their engagement shoot, they wanted to use settings that meant something to them. And since they have some great memories of their time spent at Paramount in Birmingham they thought it made sense to start there. Afterwards, their "dogchild" ( the most docile of pooches) was brought by a friend to join us for a few photographs outside of the Alabama and Lyric theaters, which represented their love of theater arts. They were full of smiles and just a whole lot of fun to be around. I'm really looking forward to their wedding later this year. I strongly encourage engagement sessions with your wedding photographer; it's a benefit to everyone! 

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